So, Clark Kenting is a thing where a secret identity is maintained by a character donning a ridiculously see through disguise to hide their identity from the public. Famously named after Superman, who puts on glasses and styles his hair differently and is instantly unrecognisable. The two pictures above were taken no less than five minutes apart. A lot of people, excluding close friends, family, and most workmates don’t recognise me if they’re used to what I look like in the first picture with my hair up and contact lenses in, and then see me later with my hair down and glasses instead of lenses. This is to the point where one of my cousins, and some of my old high school buddies recognise me as I am in the second picture; but, not as I am in the first.

Clark Kenting can work kids. The paper thin disguise fools a lot of people. Yes, human brains are that dumb. We look for familiar aspects, and if they’re not there, or something new is added, we don’t make the connection.

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